Come try the Yoga Trapeze! These classes are wildly popular across the globe for many reasons:


  • classes are FUN!
  • you are quite literally swept off your feet
  • deep stretches feel so much better with your body weight supported
  • participants are able to safely benefit from backbends and inversions 
  • a satisfying sense of accomplishment accompanies every practice
  • getting outside your comfort zone is necessary for growth
Aerial Fitness at Mountainside Wellness

Come join the fun!

Aerial Yoga FUNdamentals
This drop-in class is offered at a basic level without a lot of "tricks". You'll get a great stretch and have some fun, too!  This class is highly recommended before registering for a session of classes, just to make sure its a good choice for you.  Schedule is available here. Due to very limited availability, we ask that you cancel your registration 24 hours prior to the start of class time, if possible, so that someone else can attend.  Minimum registration required to run each class.  Aerial classes can be purchased as a single class, membership, punchcard, but are not included in the 30-day new client offer.

Aerial Yoga - Let's Fly!   Class Series 
Potential students should take a free discovery class before registering for this series.  This 8-class series will cover basic standing and floor movements, as well as exercises and poses using most or all of participant’s body weight on the main sling and handles.  Classes will include small group as well as individual coaching and practice time.  Participants must be able to support their own body weight to pull themselves into a seated position in the sling. A moderate amount of upper body and core strength is required. For safety/gear reasons, only participants under 250 pounds body weight may be 100% supported by the equipment. Any existing health/participation concerns must be discussed with Kristin PRIOR to registration.  Let's FLY!!