Alyssa Coogan

Alyssa will be your dedicated Pole Fitness Instructor! Alyssa began her dance training in Canada, where she attended a Carlson’s School of Dance and studied multiple genres including Ballet, Modern Jazz, and Hip Hop. Alyssa has always aspired to be a fitness guru and has spent extensive time training in many areas of fitness including weight lifting, cycling, dancing, running and of course - Pole Fitness. Alyssa has been doing Pole Fitness for 4+yrs and has been teaching Pole Fitness for 3+yrs. Alyssa has always been motivated to share with others the physiological and psychological health benefits that Pole Fitness can provide. Whether you are new or experienced in the Pole Fitness world, Alyssa welcomes you with great enthusiasm, support and faith. Alyssa fell in love with Pole Fitness as it combines the artistry of dance and the skill of athletics and fitness. Her hope is that you might find that Pole Fitness is something you can love too!

Alyssa Coogan is currently not instructing any classes.