Kristin Mabry

A long-time fitness enthusiast, instructor, and trainer, I look forward to working with you in the studio.   Mountainside Wellness is truly a labor of love!   My wonderful clients help me make it an environment where everyone is included and welcomed.  Then, we work REALLY hard and with INTELLIGENCE and sometimes even GRACE to get and stay in great shape so we can ENJOY life!   Come check it out!

Kristin Mabry instructs the following:
  • Suspension Training
  • This class is a perfect 30-minute, power-packed, total-body workout using suspension training systems and other small equipment.  Shoes are optional.  Arrive a few minutes early and ready to go.

  • Cycle - Sweat Revolution
  • Come try our stationary indoor bikes as a fantastic cardio workout for all levels. Room with a view and well ventilated.  Clip-in pedals and regular pedals available.  Bring a water bottle and a sweat towel. Space is limited, so best to sign up in advance and come early for your first class to get oriented.

  • HIIT
  • High Intensity Internal Training - includes strength and core training with cardio intervals.  Modifications given for all levels.  Commit to your workouts and get it done at 6am before anything else gets in the way or at 5pm right after work before you head home!

  • Roll & Restore
  • Need a little "R&R"?  Come experience intelligent, programmed myofascial release using foam rollers exquisitely combined with gentle yoga poses, because your body deserves it!

  • Barre Above
  • Get stronger, leaner, and leave class feeling GREAT!  This class is for all bodies and everybody! This is NOT a dance class, and no experience is required. Loosely based on traditional barre work, pilates mat work, yoga postures, and suspension training, this unique fusion of core work, flexibility, strength training, and even a little cardio will give you a great workout without the risks associated with numerous repetitions and isolation exercises. Mountainside Wellness classes include modifications for any fitness level, so you will feel successful while you lengthen, strengthen and tone your entire body. We use a variety of equipment, including the stationary barre, suspended bars, suspension trainers, bands, balls, glides, and other props.   I'll meet you at the barre!  

  • Lock & Load v 2.0
  • Use barbells the smart way - as PART of a strength training program that includes dumbbells and body weight resistance, too. Instead of doing 100s of reps, we'll do fewer with more weight! You'll get the best of stable barbell work AND some dynamic work in every workout. Lock & Load your bar, and let's do it!

  • High Power Circuit
  • This circuit-style class uses the squat rack, pull-up bar, dip bar, barbells, dumbbells, and other equipment for a total body weight-room-style resistance program.  Please register in advance to reserve a spot.

  • Charter School Fitness

  • Aerial Yoga - Let's Fly!
  • If you've completed a free demo class at Mountainside Wellness and/or received the OK from Kristin, you may register for this 4-week series of Aerial Yoga Trapeze classes.   The class is open to all levels, but attending the free demo class is required to determine if participation is a viable option prior to registration.  We'll cover:
    • fundamentals of using the equipment safely for an accessible and FUN experience,
    • strengthening "pull" exercises for grip strength and body-weight support,
    • standing poses for balance and strength,
    • deep stretches,
    • inversion (traction) therapy to relieve back and shoulder pain,
    • delicious, supported backbends, and
    • floating relaxation. 
    Classes will include small group as well as individual coaching and practice time.  Participants pay one price for the entire series to have a dedicated spot, and are expected to attend as many classes as possible and arrive on time.

    If you've not yet been to a free demo class, contact Kristin at 723-6612 to arrange one before registering.  

    Mondays and Wednesdays 6pm-7pm July 24 - August 16.  Next session will start after Labor Day.

    Each session is sold as a 4-week (8 class) package particular to these dates. Note that due to limited availability, cancellation may result in forfeit of payment. Refunds (minus an admin fee) are only given if the vacated spot is filled.

  • Back to Fitness Fall 2017
  • Session 1 Sept 5- Oct 5
    Session 2 Oct 17 – Nov 16
    Tuesdays & Thursdays 5-6pm
    New or returning to fitness? Mountainside Wellness is offering 5-week sessions during which we'll develop a personalized fitness routine that fits YOUR life and ensures success towards YOUR fitness goals and DO IT!
    • Small-group classes focused on those new or returning to fitness will include cardio, weight training, flexibility, and stress release/relaxation with easily modifiable exercises for everyone.
    • We’ll also design personalized programs for work outside of the studio.
    • Accountability through email, messaging, and private ‘fitness check-ups’ will help everyone stay on track for success.
    • Session purchase also includes healthy products sample bag and discounts on other Mountainside Wellness purchases.

    Please contact Kristin prior to purchase to discuss any physical limitation concerns. YOU CAN do this! And Mountainside Wellness is here to empower YOU. If you don’t make measurable progress towards your fitness goals (after 100% participation), your next MW course is free*.

    $299 per session includes everything listed above.  Early bird pricing through September 4th is $275. Month-to-month members can purchase this course for only $179.  Register ASAP to reserve your spot - space is very limited.

    Questions? Contact Kristin at or 907.723.6612

    *ask for terms and conditions.



  • 6am BootCamp
  • Your #1 choice is 6am BootCamp.  Nothing else gets in your way at 6am, so signup, show up, and get the results you want!
    6am MWF BootCamp includes cardio Tabata intervals, dynamic total body strengthening, and a targeted stretch.  We'll use a variety of equipment including BOSU, dumbells, kettlebells, med balls, glides, bands, and more!  Class can be modified for all levels.   If you have concerns about participation, please discuss with Kristin prior to class.
    Use your monthly membership or a punchcard to attend these classes.  Bring a water bottle, sweat towel, and workout shoes that you don't wear outside.  We have locker rooms with showers for your morning routine. Please bring a towel.