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Fall FitCamp 2018

Session 1 - August 23 - September 20

Session 2 - October 7 - November 4


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Stress Success Strategies

Workshops begin August 24th


Fall is back to school, back to the gym, back to your healthy routines to stay healthy and happy this Fall and Winter.  Not sure about your routines?  We'll help you find new ones!



Come join the FitCamp challenge! 

What does it mean to be fit?  Come explore a wide variety of classes that will not only make you faster and stronger, but will also aid in your mobility and recovery.

We offer 7 cycling, 3 weights, 9 dynamic movement, and 4 recovery classes per week. 

I challenge you to take at least one of each category each week during your FitCamp. 

Attend classes by purchasing a month-to-month membership or a punchcard.  These pricing options are available for purchase below.

Complete a fitness evaluation before you start and when you finish to earn discounts on membership



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If you plan to come to classes 2 times per week or more, the monthly membership is the best deal for you.  You can cancel at any time with no fees.  

Purchase Monthly Membership.

Not sure what purchase to make?  Come in for a 30-minute Fitness Consultation.  We'll help with a plan to move forward toward your fitness and health goals.  

Email Kristin@MountainsideWellness.com

If you plan to attend a class here and there, get a punchcard that is good for an entire year from date of purchase.

Purchase 10-class punchcard.


Back to Fitness

Get started on the path back to your healthiest Self, with our help.  This $99 program includes an initial 30-minute assessment, short-term program design, unlimited classes for one month (excluding pole fitness), and a follow-up check-in appointment.  Already a member?  Contact Kristin to add the consultations for $69.


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Stress Success Strategies

Learn helpful stress-management techniques in 4 weeks.  This $99 program includes weekly yoga and Roll & Restore classes for a month, and four short workshops on stress management strategies.  Friday evening Yoga at 5pm, Workshop at 6pm, and Sunday Roll & Restore at 10am.  Come to as many sessions as you can!  Already a member?  Add the workshops for $69.  August 24th - September 14th


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Purchase this Series.