What defines health and fitness?  There are many theories.  Honestly, if you're in it for the long run - I think most of us are - being able to recover and get ready for your next challenge is very important.  You can lift heavy weights or run a 5K.  Great!  How long is it before you can do it again?  Recovery is KEY to being healthy.  Do yourself a favor and establish some healthy recovery routines so that your body can keep up with all the great plans your mind is making!




Roll & Restore

Need a little "R&R"?  Come experience safe and effective programmed myofascial release using foam rollers, grounding and relaxing essential oil roller bottles (optional),  and other small equipment exquisitely combined with gentle yoga poses, because your body deserves it!  Bring a mat and foam roller if you have one, otherwise we do have equipment available at the studio for your use during class.





Come wind down your week with a gentle practice, breath work, and relaxation.  No experience required. Bring a mat if you have one; if not, we have mats available for use at the studio.