Don't know where to start?  Have issues with motivation or making progress?  Need someone to facilitate a clear path forward?  We have the BEST trainers who will give you what you need so that YOU can do the work and earn your results.  Check our Fall programs page for specific programming or check out the ongoing options below.

Options include:

Fitness Consultation

One-on-One Training

Small Group Training

Virtual Training


Fitness Consultation


Don’t know where to start? Not sure if you’d know how to keep up in a class? Come in for a fitness consultation and we’ll help you get started.  You can't measure progress unless you know where you're starting. 


Consultations involve 3 steps:

Complete Assessment.
Set SMART goals.
Design an individualized plan to achieve goals.  


Purchase Fitness Consultation

One-on-One or Small Group Private Training:

Not into working out in a regular class?  We understand and have solutions for private training for you and/or your small group.  All services are provided subject to availability and fitness readiness screening.
  • Private training - a personalized workout, just you and a trainer.  $75/hour with a discount for minimum 4 session package purchase.   Want to bring a buddy to your next session? $25 to add a friend to a scheduled session.
  • Semi-private, small-group training options  - Your group picks a day, time, and format for group training.  Subject to availability and fitness readiness screening.  Pricing depends on group size and format.

Virtual Training:

You're busy.  We get it.   You know working out is important, but you can't seem to find the time to go to any regular classes and your schedule is so crazy that meeting with a trainer seems impossible.  You've tried to do it yourself, but end up losing focus and not getting results.  VIRTUAL TRAINING IS FOR YOU!

If you have access to the internet, email, and text capabilities, this type of training can change your life and enable you to be successful in your fitness goals!  You workout when/where if fits into your schedule with a carefully developed plan from your trainer.  Your trainer monitors your progress online and stays in contact for motivation and inspiration.  Supplement with live training sessions and classes whenever possible to assure proper alignment and intensity - of course live training is always preferable, but not always possible.

Click here to schedule a consultation and get your virtual training set up!