How do I pay for classes?

Easy payment options for classes at Mountainside Wellness are listed below.  Choose which one best meets your needs today.  Please note that our Reservation Cancellation Policy (available below) applies to all options.  Log into your account or create a new one below to get started!

Month-to-Month Membership 

For the best overall value, choose our no hassle Month-to-Month Membership.  Membership starts on whatever day of the month you select, and includes the following benefits for the member:  unlimited class attendance (all classes except for Aerial), discounts on personal training and retail products, 1 AromaTouch session per 12 month-contract, a limited number of guest passes, and free product samples. You can cancel at any time with no fees, but cancellation must be finalized 15 days before your next billing date.  Launch Special is $85 per month for a limited time.  NOTE:  If you have received a promotional discount code, you MUST use it at time of purchase.  We regret that the code may not be applied retroactively.

I am DELIGHTED to be able to offer this new pricing option to my clients who have and continue to make a long-term commitment to their fitness, as well as those who are ready to start now.  This pricing option is intended for clients who plan to attend 2 or more classes per week.  The more you come to class, the better deal you get!  This great value reflects my commitment to providing a well-rounded fitness experience - where clients can attend cardio, strength, and flexibility classes in a non-competitive environment.  I hope you take advantage of this exciting offer.  If you have any questions about the Month-to-Month Membership options, please contact Kristin@MountainsideWellness.com

Cancellation and suspension forms are at the bottom of this page. 

Pole Fitness classes are NOT included with the month-to-month membership.

Click here for more information or to get started with month-to-month membership!

Virtual Punchcards

Punchcards are good for any classes (except for Pole Fitness) at Mountainside Wellness.  Members living in the same household together may share a punchcard, but please let Kristin know to set up this feature in your accounts. Our online system will keep track, so there's no paper to keep up with.  After your purchase, you can go to the schedule page and book upcoming classes up to 7 days in advance.  Please read the cancellation policy below.

5-class punchcard is $65 and is good for 12 months on all classes.
10-class punchcard is $120 and is good for 12 months on all classes.
This price and duration change reflects use of this pricing option over the past 3 years.  Most members needed a longer time period to get full use of this pricing option (most have requested extensions WAY past 3 months).  Longer durations and more class options for using punchcards require more resources, so we appreciate your understanding and hope that the longer duration works well for clients who use this option.  Punchcards will not be extended beyond 12 months.

Click here to purchase a 5 Class Punchcard for $65 that will expire in 12 months.
Click here to purchase a 10 Class Punchard for $120 that will expire in 12 months.  


1 Month Unlimited

Want to hit it hard for a short amount of time?  Only in town for a few weeks?  Come to unlimited classes (all classes except for Pole Fitness) for 30 days from date of purchase.  Class attendance is welcome starting on day of purchase.  

Click here to purchase Unlimited Classes for 30 Days for $99

Ask Kristin about full-time students rates.

Single Class Purchase

You can purchase and attend any class or solo ride (all classes except for Pole Fitness) on a space available basis whenever its convenient for you. First time guests at the studio will be asked to sign a Participation Waiver and should discuss any health-related concerns with their instructor prior to class.

Single Class rate is $15 
This price reflects our desire for members to commit to fitness long-term, and the business costs associated with a one-time visit.

Click here to purchase a Single Class

Pole Fitness

A single Pole Fitness class is $30 and payable before or during your visit either online or in person at the studio. First time guests at the studio will be asked to sign a Participation Waiver and should discuss any health-related concerns with their instructor prior to class.


Reservation Cancellation Policy

When you sign up for a class online, staff are expecting that you will attend that class.  Mountainside Wellness always strives to provide the very best experience possible for our wonderful clients, so we put a maximum enrollment on all of our classes.  The limited availability is due to space and/or equipment, as well as the ability to provide a meaningful experience to every client.   Thanks for your understanding.  

If you register for a class and then decide not to come, you must cancel your reservation at least 2 hours before a class so that someone else can reserve that bike. This is called "Early Cancel". If you cancel within 2 hours of class start time, that is called "Late Cancel". There is not enough time for someone on the waitlist to plan to come, and likely the bike that you would've ridden will not get used.  Earlier cancellation (when you receive your reminder email 24 hours prior) is genuinely appreciated so that others may plan attendance accordingly.

If you Early Cancel your reservation, your account isn't charged for that class.
If you Late Cancel your reservation using a Drop-in Fee or a 10-class punchcard, your account is charged for that class as if you had attended.
If you Late Cancel more than 3 class reservations in any single calendar month using a month-to-month membership, you lose any promotional discounts applied to your account and your contract is subject to cancellation.

How do I cancel my reservation?

Log into your account below.   You can CANCEL class reservations in your list of upcoming classes.

From your smart phone - Use the MindBody Connect app.   Go to "My Schedule" to select any class that you are registered for to cancel.

Otherwise, please text 907-723-6612 at least 2 hours before class start time.  Send your full name and which class, day, and time you'd like to cancel.

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