Our FANTASTIC Instructors and Trainers


We are delighted to have a FANTASTIC group of instructors and private trainers to help you on your fitness journey.  We hope you get to interact with all of these amazing folks below!


Alyssa will be your dedicated Pole Fitness Instructor! Alyssa began her dance training in Canada, where she attended a Carlson’s School of Dance and studied multiple genres including Ballet, Modern Jazz, and Hip Hop. Alyssa has always aspired to be a fitness guru and has spent extensive time training in many areas of fitness including weight lifting, cycling, dancing, running and of course - Pole Fitness. Alyssa has been doing Pole Fitness for 4+yrs and has been teaching Pole Fitness for 3+yrs. Alyssa has always been motivated to share with others the physiological and psychological health benefits that Pole Fitness can provide. Whether you are new or experienced in the Pole Fitness world, Alyssa welcomes you with great enthusiasm, support and faith. Alyssa fell in love with Pole Fitness as it combines the artistry of dance and the skill of athletics and fitness. Her hope is that you might find that Pole Fitness is something you can love too!
Keegan Carroll is passionate for health and wellness. Originally from Colorado, Keegan was a competitive dancer who competed at state and national levels. Keegan was involved with the start of the Thunder Mountain Dance Team as choreographer, assistant coach, and head coach. Keegan is specialized in youth fitness and is certified in YogaFit Kids and is a State of Alaska Certified Teaching Artist.

Keegan has many years of experience instructing group fitness classes such as: dance fitness, core & cardio, cycling, tabata, HIIT, barre, and weight classes. Keegan is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a love for small group training. She specializes in dance fitness, and pre & post natal exercise. Keegan is knowledgeable in core rehab, building and maintaining core strength. She is excited to continue her education as an ACE Health Coach, and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist, which uses exercise to help heal diseases.

Audra Henderson is a lifelong health and fitness devotee. Audra began her fitness career as gymnast, cheerleader, cross country runner and dancer. She later became a dance coach, then National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor. Audra is a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner and has a Master’s in Public Health with a nutrition focus. Both school and self-taught, Audra enjoys experiencing and dabbling in naturopathy, herbology, Aryuvedic and Chinese medicine, energy healing, and pretty much anything “health” and wellness related. As an instructor, guide and mentor, Audra strives to create positive exercise experiences for others whether it’s through teaching group cycle, yoga, small group classes, or by working one-on-one with people to motivate, guide and inspire others to look and feel their best.
A long-time fitness enthusiast, instructor, and trainer, I look forward to working with you in the studio.   Mountainside Wellness is truly a labor of love!   My wonderful clients help me make it an environment where everyone is included and welcomed.  Then, we work REALLY hard and with INTELLIGENCE and sometimes even GRACE to get and stay in great shape so we can ENJOY life!   Come check it out!
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